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About Vectorscope for iOS iPad

Vectorscope is the perfect tool to analyze your stereo material. Whether you are a producer, mixer, recording artist, or student, we believe that Vectorscope will soon become an indispensable tool for all your stereo audio needs!

Vectorscope accepts audio coming either from an external iOS-compatible audio device or from an Audiobus-compatible app. Choosing one mode or the other couldn’t be easier: When the app is connected to Audiobus, the audio will be routed automatically through it, otherwise the chosen audio source will be external — that simple!


  • Identifying issues in the stereo image
  • Checking phase and stereo balance issues
  • Calibrating preamp, compressor, EQ, and other external processors’ gains for optimal stereo recording, mixing, etc.
  • Stereo metering featuring peak, RMS, peak hold, and max peak readings
  • And much more!

Intended Audience

  • DAW producers, mixers, recording artists, etc.
  • As an educational tool for audio engineering students
  • All kinds of Audiobus addicts!

Main Features

  • Polar and Lissajous plotting
  • Stereo metering with RMS, peak, peak hold, and max peak readings
  • Stereo balance meter
  • Phase correlation meter
  • Autoscale or manual zoom (1x-8x)
  • Adjustable scope fading rate
  • 5 color schemes
  • External audio and Audiobus input
  • Total parameter recall
  • Hi-res Retina graphics!

What's New

Version 1.8.3

- Added iPad Pro app icon
- Minor improvements in audio engine

System Requirements
  • Requires iOS 7.1 or later. Compatible with iPad.

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