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About Screens 4.3.8 for macOS

Screen lets you control your Mac from anywhere in the world as if you were sitting in front of it!

Connect from anywhere

Work on that spreadsheet you left at home, perform software updates on your server on another continent, or help your dad configure his computer miles away back in your hometown.

Multiple Display Support

For Macs with several attached displays, Screens lets you select an individual one or you can show them all at once. Plus, it can remember your last selection for future sessions.


Organize your saved screens as groups to keep everything in order.

Curtain Mode

Curtain Mode obscures the display on remote Macs you connect to. Useful if you don’t want anyone to see what you’re doing.

File Transfers

Transfer files from Mac to Mac via drag and drop.

Session Selection

If there is someone logged in on a remote Mac, Screens can ask to share their screen or it can start a new session — your choice!

Touch Bar Support

Unleash the power of Touch Bar with Screens, especially in full screen mode.

And so much more!

  • Supports OS X 10.11 El Capitan and above
  • Synchronize your content via iCloud or Dropbox
  • Access recent connections through the Dock
  • One-Click User Password
  • Improved SSH Keys Support
  • Fullscreen Mode
  • Observe and Control Modes
  • Grab a Screenshot of the remote computer
  • Revamped URL Schemes Support
  • Connect to Macs, Windows, and Linux PCs
  • Secure Connections

What's New

* Fixed rare issue that prevents some users to drag items around on the remote computer.

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System Requirements
  • Intel, 64-bit processor
  • OS X 10.11 or later

Screens User Discussion & Reviews

Edovia Inc

Edovia is a small development shop founded in 2003 by Luc Vandal and is based in Montréal. Proud maker of Screens, which lets you connect back to your computer from home or anywhere in the world. We...
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Date Jan 16 2018
Category Network & Internet
Platform macOS
Price 29.99
Version 4.3.8
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