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About QuarkXPress for macOS

​QuarkXpress is one of the most popular desktop publishing software in the world. Building on the foundation of performance and reliability delivered by its predecessor, QuarkXPress 2016 is the must-have upgrade for every QuarkXPress user. From the simplicity of the new colour picker tool to the innovation of exporting HTML5 Publications, QuarkXPress 2016 takes design and productivity to the next level. QuarkXPress 2016 is sold as a perpetual license with 60-days of free support, free dual activation, cross platform licenses (Mac and PC) and ongoing access to free updates.

With its 64-bit architecture, QuarkXPress 2016 delivers outstanding performance across the board, from file handling and layout rendering to PDF export. Add in a raft of innovative new capabilities and long requested features and you have a winning combination for creatives who only want the best.

From reviews around the world QuarkXPress 2016 has been called game-changing and a must-have upgrade. We received excellent ratings from top industry sources that prove QuarkXPress 2016 is on its way to being the best version we have ever released.

Main Features:

Convert PDF, Illustrator and EPS Files to Native QuarkXPress Objects: Say goodbye to time-consuming projects (think rebuilding logos and reconstructing PDF files sent by your clients). QuarkXPress is the first layout application to import PDF, Illustrator and EPS files and convert them to native objects.˚ Look forward to fully editable Bezier versions of vector graphics, real text and automatically extracted colours and font information.

Copy and Paste Objects from Illustrator, PowerPoint and Others to QuarkXPress: Simply copy items from other applications such as PowerPoint, Illustrator or even InDesign and paste them into your QuarkXPress layout as Native QuarkXPress Objects˚, allowing you to easily complete or reuse them up in QuarkXPress 2016.

Multi-Colour Gradients: Some things are worth waiting for. With the new Multi-Colour Gradients you have all the flexibility you’ve yearned for when designing colour blends. Create as many colour stops as you like, use sliders or numeric settings, opt for the full radial setting or set the aspect ratio. Unlike other layout software, you can even set different opacity levels for each colour stop.

And much more.

What's New


  • Non-destructive Image Editing (Adjustments) - Edit images by adjusting levels and curves, changing brightness and contrast, applying gamma correction and much more. All of your adjustments are non-destructive, so your original images stay intact. That means you can quickly remove effects and use the same image in multiple instances with different adjustments applied. You can also automatically create new, unique versions of one or all images with all of the adjustments applied. This includes downsampling, applying clipping (based on its picture box), and changing the colour mode or image format. And all the new images created are automatically linked to the layout.
  • Non-destructive Image Editing (Filters) - QuarkXPress 2017 also offers non-destructive filters for images. Filters include unsharp masking, embossing and contour tracing. This means you can easily apply these effects, like unsharp masking, at the end of the workflow, so just one image is needed even if there will be multiple destinations (different sizes, web, mobile, etc.).
  • Item Format Painter - QuarkXPress adds a new tool to the Tool bar to quickly copy attributes from one item to another without having to create an Item Style.
  • Transparency Blend Modes - QuarkXPress 2017 now introduces support for blending between two or more overlapping objects including images. Using the Image Editing palette you can easily multiply an image with its background, apply screening, colour dodge and many more effects.
  • New Shape Tools - To enable you to create new shapes much more quickly the QuarkXPress tool palette is now extended to add more shape tools. New tools include a star, a diamond, a polygon, a triangle, a spiral, and many more. Designers can adjust presets or create their own presets to quickly build exciting shapes for text or picture boxes.
  • Multicolour Gradients Enhancements - Multicolour Gradients are now also possible using a diamond and rectangular shape. Additionally, you can now apply gradients to frame.

System Requirements

​QuarkXPress 2016 requires a dual core CPU with at least 2 GB of RAM available for QuarkXPress and ideally 4 GB RAM. QuarkXPress 2016 is supported on OS X Mavericks, OS X Yosemite and OS X El Capitan.

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