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About PUB Expert for Microsoft 2.1.17 for macOS

PUB Expert - The Full Compatible Publisher App for Microsoft Office Publisher(.pub)

PUB Expert - Read, edit, create and convert Microsoft Publisher document like never before on your Mac !

PUB Expert is an advanced yet easy-to-use design and publishing app for Microsoft Publisher. It allows you to read, edit, create, save, print, convert MS Publisher document with full compatible and easy-to-use MS Publisher objects, such as text box, table, picture, shape and so on.

PUB Expert provides the best editor and creator experience for MS Publisher document. You can open various .pub files of MS Publisher, PUB Expert can support all kinds of different versions. Just like MS Publisher, PUB Expert has more than 5000 different publication paper types, you can directly create MS Publisher document with different publisher template, all of them are full compatible with MS Publisher.

- - -> Key features:

- Read PUBs -
Each PUB document page will be parsed with high accuracy, almost all of the document original format and layout can be kept successfully, you can easily view it from one page to another.

- Edit PUBs -
PUB Expert has full compatible object library with MS Publisher, you can easily edit MS Publisher object with same object style settings. PUB Expert supports the text, shape(rectangle, round rectangle, oval, triangle, parallelogram, trapezoid, diamond, pentagon, circle, arrow, star, line, line with arrow, dashed line, curve, scribble, etc.), picture, table editing, and also allows you insert new text, shape, picture and table. Just like MS Publisher object format window, PUB Expert also has a similar object format window, you can easily format these objects, change text font, color, border, fill and rotation, change picture, table, shape, border, fill and rotation. The table element has same presets style with MS Publisher table object. You can easily cut/copy/paste object, reorder and duplicate page, set page background, and so on. Bring to front and send to back object, so that you can rearrange these elements. All of these will be very convenient for your editing.

-> Excellent Table Object
PUB Expert has the best table component, it is full compatible with publisher table element, you can easily add row/column, delete row/column, resize row/column, merge cells, unmerge cells, edit text, change font, fill color, change table style and so on.

- Create PUBs -
PUB Expert has same blank page size publication type with MS Publisher, such as standard paper, advertisements, binder divider tab, booklets, business cards, designed paper, E-mail, envelopes, greeting cards, mailing labels, media labels, names tag, other labels, photo paper, postcards, posters, small publications, web sites, and so on. You can directly MS Publisher document what you want.

-> Master Page & Background
PUB Expert has all the same MS Publisher master page and page background features. Just like Microsoft Publisher, you can easily create MS Publisher document with them, and the master page is unlimited. PUB Expert can use background with color, gradient and picture.

-> Import PDF
PUB Expert can directly import PDF document, all the PDF format and layout will be kept with high accuracy, so you can save as MS Publisher document and reuse it.

- Save & Reopen PUBs
PUB Expert save as standard MS Publisher document format, it can be reopened by Microsoft Publisher software on all supported platforms.

- Print & Convert PUBs
PUB Expert can easily save as PDF format if you want to convert your MS Publisher document, moreover you also can easily print your MS Publisher document.

- Save As CDF -
CDF document is a compatible document format. This kind of document can be reopened by our App on Mac, iPad/iPhone in the future.

- - ->Get started designing & editing today with PUB Expert for Mac.

- - ->Why Go iOS Version ? Full features on iPad / iPhone
PUB Expert - Easily view, edit, create, convert MS Publisher on your iPad / iPhone.

What's New

- Bug fixes and other improvements

System Requirements

Requires macOS

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