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About Printworks 2.0.3 for macOS

Printworks is a super-intuitive, all-purpose page layout and desktop publishing app for the Mac. It doesn’t matter what kind of document you need to layout and print — from brochures and calendars to CD labels and eye-catching, professional business cards — Printworks covers it all.

500+ Professional Templates

Printworks contains over 500 templates of diverse print projects, including bi-fold and tri-fold brochures, catalogs, business cards, social media, disc labels and covers, address labels and much more. Additional free templates are also available.

Rich Clipart Collections

Printworks is loaded with 2,000 clipart images and 100 image masks. Additonal 40,000 images and 100 fonts are available with Extras Pack for just $9.99. If that’s not enough, you can buy any of over 60 million professional-quality images offered by Depositphotos directly from Printworks at a very reasonable price.

Two-Page Spreads

When designing magazines, newspapers and other multi-page materials, viewing and editing two pages side-by-side greatly facilitates the process.

Master Pages

Use master pages for repeating content: page number, footer, header and a common background.

Unlimited Layers

Creation of complex designs gets easier with unlimited layers. You can preview and switch among the layers, making them invisible and unprintable.

What's New

Version 2.0.3:

  • Minor fixes and improvements

System Requirements
  • Intel, 64-bit processor
  • OS X 10.10 or later

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Date Nov 30 2017
Category Desktop Publishing
Platform macOS
Price $29.99
Version 2.0.3
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