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About MarsEdit 4.0.8 for macOS

MarsEdit is a powerful desktop blog editor for macOS. It allows you to write, preview and publish your blog.

Browser-based interfaces are slow, clumsy, and require you to be connected to the internet just to use them. Browsers are perfect for reading web content, but not so great for creating it. If you’re serious about your blog, you need a desktop blog editor. If you’re lucky enough to have a Mac, nothing is more powerful or more elegant than MarsEdit.

Main Features:

Rich And HTML

Text Editing Whether you love HTML or can’t bear the sight of it, MarsEdit’s editor will thrill you. If you prefer the best of both worlds, you can switch easily between the two.

Wildly Compatible

Works with WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, TypePad, Movable Type and any blog that supports a standard MetaWeblog or AtomPub interface.

Perfect Previews

Build a template to match your blog, then let MarsEdit’s live preview show you how your posts will look before you publish them. Use Markdown? MarsEdit will preview that, too.

Your Editor Or Ours

Combine the power of MarsEdit with your favorite editor. Integrates cleanly with BBEdit, TextMate, WriteRoom, TextWrangler, or any editor that supports the ODBEditor suite.

What's New

This update brings bug fixes and minor enhancements:

- Fix a problem that prevented the built-in Help from displaying correctly

- Fix a bug where images from Media Manager were not always permitted to be inserted into posts

- Fix a bug that could cause slow text layout in the plain text editor

- Disable Tags field when editing WordPress Page entries, where they’re not allowed

- Ensure escape and cmd-. keyboard shortcuts work as expected for cancel button in panels

- Enable the ‘Copy Published Link’ and ‘Send to Blog’ menu items when the preview window is active

If you can spare a minute, please consider leaving a rating or review in the App Store. It means a lot!

Any questions or concerns about the app? Feel free to get in touch at Thank you.

System Requirements
  • Intel
  • macOS 10.12 or later.

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Red Sweater

Developers of Mars Edit and other applications for macOS.
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Date Mar 30 2018
Category Productivity
Platform macOS
Price Free
Version 4.0.8
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