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About Integrity 8.0.4 for macOS

- Scans your site checking for broken links
- Checks images and linked files as well as all internal and external links
- See problems at-a-glance highlighted in colour. Double-click for more detailed information
- In short, improve your websites quality and search engine ranking

If youve maintained a website for any length of time, youll know that links very quickly become broken, because we move, delete or change our own pages, and other people that we link to do the same. This is called link rot

A broken link on your site is a dead end for your visitors and will also be bad news for your search engine optimisation (SEO).

Unless you enjoy clicking every single link on your site followed by the back button, then youll need to use a website crawler like Integrity!

Feed it your home page address (url) and Integrity will follow all of your internal links to find your pages, checking the server response code for all internal and external links found.

On features - Integrity is free and is intended to be no more than a simple but effective link checker. Note that Scrutiny is a more advanced app with features such as managing multiple sites, crawling pages requiring authentication and webmaster tools which go beyond link checking.

What's New

Version 8.0.4:

  • Becomes main release (v8 no longer beta)
  • Fixes problem where unlikely set of circs could cause crash (certain unintended spurious character included in the link target url, a specific page encoding)
  • Fixes bug that prevented full scanning if port number used in the starting url
  • Adds support for html5 tags. Finds and checks urls for audio / video / pictures
  • Sorts a problem with redirects, where a url is redirected to a url already in the list. Sometimes this could result in an odd status being reported, (302 < 302 rather than the correct 200 < 302)
  • Improvement to IDN functionality, specifically if page contains percent-encoding within domain part of url, wasn’t being handled properly.
  • The automatic retry with cookies enabled for urls that give ‘too many http redirects’ (where they continuously loop while cookies are not detected) is extended to all urls (previously just external urls)
  • Fixes bug that could cause a hang at the end of the scan if the archive option is set, ‘browsable format’ set and certain things present on any of the pages.
  • Check Images is now on by default
  • Important fix re linked files in head of page, could be displayed with spurious link text
  • Some fixes to file size / target size functionality
  • Other fixes and enhancements

System Requirements
  • Intel, 64-bit processor
  • OS X 10.8 or later
  • Users of OS X 10.6 and 10.7 should use Integrity version 6.8.15 available from Integrity‚Äôs home page

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Peacock Media

Peacockmedia has been responsible for Mac OS software since the early 2000's, specialising in crawling / spidering of websites. Among our popular titles is Integrity, the best free link checker for...
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Date Mar 13 2018
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