ff·Works (iFFmpeg) 1.0.6

ff·Works (iFFmpeg)

Audio & Video Version: 1.0.6 | updated about 5 months ago

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About ff·Works (iFFmpeg) 1.0.6 for macOS

ff-Works (iFFmpeg) is a complete solution to convert audio and video based on libavcodec - the leading audio and video codec library. FFmpeg is free software licensed under the LGPL or GPL depending on your choice of configuration/compile options.

High Quality and Control

Convert and processes many media files with high level quality using FFmpeg with no knowledge. Advanced users are not left out in the cold with lots of options to work with.

Media Formats

Support for many codecs and containers like MPEG4, H264, H265 HEVC, Matroska, PRORES, DNxHD, DVVideo, MPEG TS, MPEG PS, XAVS, FLV, Theora, AVI, OGG, VP8 & VP9 (.webm), Animated GIF, VOB, MXF, GFX and many more..

Merging media files

Stitch unlimited files to one file. Two methods : Concat passthru (blistering fast) and Complex Filter.

Subtitles support

Both hardburn subtitles and soft subtitles are supported (External or Embedded).


A lot of presets are included by default: iPod, iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, PS4, Xbox One, Wii-U, Android, YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and many more

Encode multiple files at once

Encode up to 8 batch at the same time.

What's New

- You can now hold the Option key and click on Start to show the commandline editing window.

- Added ‘Copy Settings to All’ contextual menu item.
- Added “1:1 10-bit RGB” support for mov container.
- Added option ‘Position filter chain’ for hardburning subittles.
- Improved splitting audio channels to seperate audio files.
- Improved H264 High Profile and H265 Main Profile presets.
- Improved handling HE-AAC to AAC encoding (regarding bitrate).
- Improved auto cropping detecting.
- Changed the batch thread priorities.
- HAP video codec now works as expected in MOV containers.
- Fixed several issues when editing the HEVC options.
- Fixed issue when using the DNxHD preset and set video size to HD720.
- Fixed issue adding soft subtitles.
- Fixed loading iPhone7 preset.
- Fixed issue encoding to 23.976 and 29.97 FPS.
- Fixed issue adding user presets files.
- Fixed issue when encoding to DVVideo and NTSC.
- Fixed issue resetting options when changing another preset.

System Requirements
  • Intel
  • OS X 10.10 or newer.
  • Working FFmpeg OS X binary

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Making High Quality Video Encoding Accessible for Everyone.
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Date Feb 18 2018
Category Audio & Video
Platform macOS
Price 23
Version 1.0.6
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