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3D & Design Version: 2.11.0 | updated 4 days ago

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About FoxCAD 2.11.0 for macOS

FoxCAD allows you to open and edit DWG drawings on your Mac.

Main Features:

1. Open various DXF, DWG versions ( AutoCAD R14-R2017)
2. Draw:create new drawings and accurately draw shapes with object Snap
3. Edit shapes:work with objects and manage layers
4. Annotate:mark up drawings directly.
5. Smart Dimensioning:create measurements based on your drawing context
6. Support both 2D objects and 3D models
7. Identify literal fonts and entity color correctly
8. Work offline:work without an Internet connection

What's New

Version 2.11.0

【Function Enhancement】

Added Diameter Labeling (DDI), Continuous Labeling (DCO), etc.
Marking style changes (D)
Draw the default color modification (COL)

Perfect copy (CO), rotation (RO) command
Apple mouse support Hold down the ALT key (the option key) scaling drawings
Layout at the bottom of an increase of switching, layout switching more convenient
Optimized painting circles and other operations do not support the vertical capture (to meet the circle and the tangent)
The toolbar is expanded into three columns, adding more common operations

System Requirements

OS X 10.6.6 or later, 64-bit processor.

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Date Dec 09 2017
Category 3D & Design
Platform macOS
Price $14.99
Version 2.11.0
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