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About ColorEffectsForPhotos 1.1 for macOS

ColorEffectsForPhotos is your one stop studio to create all kind of stunning colorized effects out of your photos.

Works inside Apple Photos and also as a Standalone Application.

For an easy start, it comes with more than 70 presets, but you can easily add your own!

• Create your own color style
ColorEffectsForPhotos lets you achieve all kind of color adjustments you can imagine with only a few controls. Those controls work together and are a very innovative and unique way to create stunning color changes. When you get a style, you easily save it as a setting, add it to your library and use it over and over again.

• Photo Filters
You can buy a color filter and fit it to your lens, but this is an expensive proposition and not very flexible. ColorEffectsForPhotos lets you do all that very fast and easily.

• Gradient Map
You might have seen this intimidating word within Photoshop Adjustment menu. You can do that super simply with ColorEffectsForPhotos, it comes with more than 100 vignettes, you can create your own, apply it over a range of images. It is fun and easy to use

• MultiTones
What is MultiToning… It is a mix of a BlackWhite image with some tint added to it for rich effects. Out of your photos, you will create sepias, cyanotype, grisaille, aquatint…

• Create Stunning Infrareds
What is Infrared? The term “infrared” literally means “below red”, and without getting into color theory, that means we as human beings can’t see it. Yet even though you and infrared light cannot be seen, most digital cameras can, and with the use of an infrared lens filter, infrared photography can bring that light within our visible range, capturing and creating images that have a truly unique, mysterious and otherworldly look to them. With Infrared Studio you will be able in one click to get those effects.
Since different objects in the world reflect different amounts of infrared light, the results you get with this effect will depend a lot on which type of photo you’re using it with. Outdoor scenes with lots of green trees and foliage tend to work best but you can use it with any other types of photos.

• Film Grain
Just add back some grain and simulate the look of old photo processing

• Vignetting

• Splash for Selective Effect!
You can in a couple of brush strokes create color effects (infrareds, gradients, black-white, filterized effects) selectively.

You will also find important basic tools lacking in many other color apps from the app store such as ability to pan and zoom, read color densities…

We stand behind our software, any question we are there to help and answer, please e-mail us.

What's New
  • Additional Adjustments.
  • Ability to Save/Load/Import stencil Masks

System Requirements

Requires macOS

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Date Mar 13 2018
Category Photography
Platform macOS
Price 9.99
Version 1.1
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