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About AstroGrav 3.5 for macOS

AstroGrav for Mac is a full-featured, high precision solar system simulator that calculates the gravitational interactions between all astronomical bodies, so that the motions of asteroids and comets are simulated much more accurately than with planetarium applications. The effects of general relativity and radiation pressure can be taken into account, and superb interactive 3D viewing allows you to easily rotate and zoom your view while the solar system evolves.

AstroGrav Key Features

The AstroGrav software has a huge range of features and viewing options including:

  • Views from space or any object, and planetarium-style views from any location on Earth
  • Multiple views animated simultaneously, with dynamically calculated orbits and trajectories
  • Comprehensive tabular data with over 30 editable fields available for each object
  • Simulation time steps from a fraction of a second to thousands of years
  • Constellations and over 100,000 background stars, with comprehensive data for every star
  • Celestial coordinate grids: ecliptic, equatorial, galactic, and horizontal
  • A wide range of physical units, including astronomical, metric, and imperial
  • Editing facilities that allow you to create new objects manually, or import from a database of hundreds of thousands of asteroids and comets
  • A wide variety of illustrative sample files that can be used as they are, or used as the basis for your own simulations

What's New

Improved the evolution algorithm, import of asteroids and comets, handling of tables, and display of object histories. Added a new command that removes objects in such a way as to leave the orbits of other objects unchanged. Many performance improvements. Various minor bug fixes and improvements.

System Requirements

Intel Core 2 Duo, Core i3, Core i5, Core i7, or Xeon processor, Mac OS X 10.7 minimum, 2 GB RAM

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Developers of AstroGrav Software for Mac & Windows.
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Date Dec 09 2017
Category Misc
Platform macOS
Price 59
Version 3.5
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