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New Mac Apps
Google Chrome 65.0.3325.181 Free Popular web browser for Mac. (52)

BetterTouchTool 2.417 $4.99 Customize trackpad gestures. (32)

Observatory 1.2.3 Free Collect and curate your astronomical images (2)

VDraw 1.2 $19.99 Vector illustration software. (0)

Planny - Daily To Do Planner... Free 2Do software for Mac. (1)

Easy To Use Guides For Final... $4.99 Final Cut Pro video tutorial. (0)

City Island 4 Sim Town Village... Free City building simulator game for Mac. (0)

Flight Express 1.3 Free Tool to upload files into Flight media library. (0)

Thortspace 1.4.37 Free Mind mapping tool for macOS. (1)

Flashcard Hero 2.8 $7.99 Make your own flash cards. (0)

Pilates Band Workouts 4.1 $1.99 Pilates and resistance bands tutorial videos. (0)

Carcassonne 1.1.2 $19.99 Puzzle game for Mac. (0)

Plot2 Pro 2.3.3 $9.99 Powerful scientific 2D plotting software for Mac. (4)

Dashlane 5.9.0 Free Password manager for Mac. (24)

Telegram 3.8.2 Free Popular Messaging app. (16)

College Football Trivia 2.2 Free Football trivia game. (1)

File Cards: File Manager Suite... $6.99 File manager for macOS. (0)

Hot Games for iPhone & iPad

New iOS Apps
Death Coming 1.99 Addictive puzzle game. (0)

Darkest Dungeon:Tablet Edition 0.99 Gothic turn-based RPG game for iPad. (1)

Baldur’s Gate II: EE 2.99 Popular role playing game. (1)

Frost 2.99 Popular abstract game for iOS. (1)

Gorogoa 43211 3.99 Hand drawn puzzle game for iOS. (35)

Bridge Constructor Portal 2.99 Construction game for iOS devices. (33)

The Witness 4.99 Addictive puzzle game. (0)

Evoland 2 6.99 RPG, shooter and card game for iPhone. (1)

Siege of Dragonspear 9.99 Role-playing game for iOS devices. (0)

Reed ^_^ 1.99 Retro style game for iOS. (0)

The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands 3.99 Strategy and building style game for iOS. (2)

Anomaly 2 3.99 Tower defense game for iOS devices. (10)

Halide 43211 4.99 RAW Manual Camera. (73)

Purrfect Date 2.99 Adventure game for iOS devices. (0)

Florence 2.99 Interactive storybook game. (1)

Holy Potatoes! We’re in... 6.99 Space exploration game for iOS devices. (0)

Temple of Spikes: The Legend 5.99 Story-based platformer game for iOS. (1)

Part Time UFO 3.99 Addictive action game for iOS. (1)

Affinity Photo 54321 19.99 Powerful photo editor for iPad. (61)

Tyme 2 Free Popular time tracking tool. (0)

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