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New Mac Apps
GarageSale 7.0.13 54321 39.99 Ebay auctions management tool. (35)

Audacity Free Free multi-track audio recording and editor. (11)

Skype Free Internet phone and chat software. (67)

Tor Browser Bundle 7.5 Free Safely Browse the Internet (9)

Plex Media Server 1.11.3 Free Connect your Plex clients with your media files. (5)

Gifted 1.1.1 Free Turn video into animated GIFs. (0)

Opera 51.0.2830.40 Free Fast & Safe Web Browser. (28)

1Password 6.8.7 Free Powerful password manager for Mac. (43)

celtx script 3.0.7 19.99 Desktop screenwriting solution. (0)

XML Edita 1.1.7 32.99 Powerful XML editor for Mac. (0)

Writer - Online Word Processor... Free Lightweight word processor for macOS. (0)

oneSafe 2.2.3 19.99 Password manager software. (1)

SIDT - HTTP Request 1.2.5 Free Developer HTTP request tool for Mac. (1)

Home Control 1.14.4 4.99 HomeKit alternative. (4)

Zen: coloring book for adults... Free Coloring book software for Mac. (1)

MagicScroll 6.0.2 199.99 Video editor for macOS. (0)

Simplenote 1.3.1 Free Notes management software for macOS. (1)

Math Drills 6.0 4.99 Math learning software for students. (0)

Trimplot Make 1.4.8 15.99 Generate G Code for 3D printers. (0)

Hot Games for iPhone & iPad

New iOS Apps
Tyme 2 Free Popular time tracking tool. (0)

Alto’s Odyssey 4.99 Popular platform game for iOS devices. (3)

Apple iOS Free Official Apple mobile operating system. (12)

Hostage Negotiator 3.99 Popular board game for iOS devices. (1)

Ultimate Guitar: Chords &... Free Catalog of guitar, bass & ukulele chords. (0)

Dig Dog – Treasure Hunter 2.99 Platform game for iOS devices. (1)

[Exception] 1.99 AI programming game for iOS devices. (2)

Weapon Shop Fantasy 2.99 Adventure & RPG game for iOS. (1)

Dandara 14.99 Platform game for iOS devices. (1)

PAKO 2 1.99 Arcade driving game for iOS. (1)

Bring You Home 2.99 Addictive platform game for iOS devices. (4)

The Room: Old Sins 4.99 Puzzle game for iOS devices. (11)

Four Last Things 3.99 Adventure game for iOS devices. (3)

Out There Chronicles - Ep. 2 2.99 Sci-Fi game for iOS devices. (1)

Antihero - Digital Board Game 3.99 Digital board game for iOS devices. (8)

JYDGE 4.99 Addictive shooter game for iOS. (3)

Cytus II 1.99 Music rhythm game for iOS devices. (19)

Rusty Lake Paradise 2.99 Adventure game for iOS devices. (12)

Beast Towers Free Tower defense game for iOS. (11)

Let Them Come 1.99 Pixel style shooter for iOS devices. (11)

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